Alan Fernandes
Paddle Boarding Athlete

Alan Fernandes Paddle Boarding

“I originally took 3 month subscription early last year and never looked back. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and supportive, I can’t thank them enough. I came to Grant Hogan to focus on improving my times for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. He guided me on what type of exercise, food and supplements would be best. I was seeing improvements a lot quicker than I ever have done.

We both set a goal for me to achieve in 2016 and i’m glad to say we reached that and much more. Now in 2017 I have qualified for the world championships so we have a much higher target to reach. The programming helps a lot because it gives me a breakdown of everything I need to do from start to finish. I’m sure if I keep this up I will achieve everything I want

I would happily recommended anyone with any sporting or fitness goals to use Optimise Performance!”

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