Lucian Petrean
CrossFit Beginner

Lucian Petrean

“I would like to share with you guys my experience working with ( Joe Murphy ) and the Team at Optimise Performance. In the past i had a small shoulder injury that set me in to a comfort zone that I wasn’t happy. Willing to get back in Weight Lifting and CrossFit the guys at Optimise Performance had a very professional approach and a personalised training that helped me regain my confidence and strength . I’m not going to lie it took me about 6 months but the hole training was easy to understand and very tailored to my needs.

I started seeing improvement in my mobility and strength in the first few months. After consistently days of training and numerous chats with my Coach we finally manage to get me in the best shape and injury free, better understanding of the training and food .

Smart training not reckless and taking better care of my body. I would recommend with confidence Optimise Performance if your looking to train smarter and learn a new way of life .

Small stats from my records :

-Bench 110kg  – 1RM

-Deadlift 140kg -1RM

-Back Squat 140kg x 2

– Front Squat 120kg x 1

For me there are significant increases in size and strength which im very please to share with you . My work is not yet finish. I’m currently getting ready for a CrossFit Competition and I couldn’t do it without the guys at Optimise Performance”

have turned to Optimise Performance to help me get in condition for my work in films such as X-Men, Skyfall and The Bourne Ultimatum.  It is great as I communicate with my coach on the type of body shape I need for the upcoming movie and all is taken care of. Because I am always travelling from place to place, the remote coaching aspect has helped me stay accountable to my training. I have been following different cycles, which my coach peaks my training program for, which keeps me motivated to train and ensures my nutrition is kept on point. The coaching and guidance has been excellent and could not have progressed as I have done without the support of Optimise Performance”