Your Athletics Training Program

Sprints all require the development of powerful muscles capable of fast dynamic contractions. Endurance events require efficient movement mechanics to make the most of the oxygen being breathed and transported by the highly trained aerobic system. Throw events require a combination of strength and speed to develop the highest possible velocity of the implement at the moment of release from the hands. While jump events need to get your body mass up to speed quickly from a standing start then drive explosively off the jump leg with a rapid and high-force extension at the hips, knees and ankles. The various demands of the wide range of track and field events create very different S&C requirements that our coaches consider when designing individualised athletics training programs.

Sample Workout

Here is an example of a single day of training, one of many workouts that are generated for an given individual over the course of a year. Workouts for all sports follow a similar structure, yet vary in exercises performed, intensity and reps. The workouts can be viewed via the mobile app.





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Ross Jeffs

Sports Performance Coach