Your Football Training Program

Soccer is a dynamic game that challenges an athlete’s physical and tactical abilities. Athletes must be conditioned to sustain short, intermediate, and long sprints with a high degree of change in direction. Direct development of strength, lateral acceleration and deceleration abilities, and anaerobic and aerobic capacities set the foundation for peak soccer performance. These football training programs are therefore designed to develop the stamina, total-body strength, and lateral quickness soccer players need to stay dynamic and explosive for the full 90 minutes. The result: better agility and quickness, faster first-step acceleration, and fewer overuse injuries. .

Sample Workout

Here is an example of a single day of training, one of many workouts that are generated for an given individual over the course of a year. Workouts for all sports follow a similar structure, yet vary in exercises performed, intensity and reps. The workouts can be viewed via the mobile app.





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Optimise Performance works because it’s backed by the top strength and conditioning experts in the country. All coaches below specialise in your chosen sport. Choose your coach and learn more about them.

Joe Murphy

Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach